Stay Steady and Prevent Falls: CHI LakeWood Health’s Commitment to Your Safety

At CHI LakeWood Health, your safety and well-being are our top priorities. That’s why we use the CDC STEADI Fall Risk Assessment tool as part of our comprehensive approach to fall prevention. 

This simple questionnaire helps us identify patients who may be at risk for falls so we can take specific precautions and implement appropriate interventions.

You may have already seen this tool or been asked to fill it out at a previous visit with us. As Natasha Kasprowicz, our Surgery Coordinator, emphasizes, “The CDC STEADI has been instrumental in enhancing the safety of our same-day surgery program. By incorporating the assessment into our pre-op phone calls, we can streamline your care and ensure we have the right safety measures in place before you even arrive.” 

While surgery is one area where the assessment is utilized, you’ll encounter it throughout your journey at CHI LakeWood Health. This comprehensive approach ensures we proactively address fall risks in various settings, promoting safety and well-being for all our patients. We do this because falls are more common than people realize. More than one in four older adults reported falling in 2015 alone, according to the CDC. 

There are simple steps you can take anytime to help decrease your or your loved ones’ fall risk. 

  1. Focus on strength and balance. Activities like Tai chi can improve balance and make your legs stronger.
  2. Use proper footwear. They should fit properly and have good traction.
  3. Have your medications reviewed with your doctor or pharmacist, including supplements and over-the-counter medications. 
  4. Get an annual eye exam.
  5. Make your home safer, remove clutter and use non-slip mats and handrails.
  6. Talk to your health care provider, especially if you feel unsteady or have had a recent fall.

Life is all about balance, and so is fall prevention. Whether here or at home, CHI LakeWood Health wants everyone to be safe and well.

CHI LakeWood Health Offers Direct Access for Physical Therapy – No Referral Needed

From pain of all sorts, hip/knee surgery, post-concussion care to balance issues and Parkinson’s disease, there’s a physical therapist who can help you at CHI LakeWood Health. Now, with direct access, a physician referral is not required. 

That means you can call directly to access physical therapy services for a variety of health issues and concerns. Our team will check with your insurance to see if it requires a physician referral. For most, that means easier access to the comprehensive care provided by a physical therapist.

Our physical therapy team can help you achieve your highest functioning following illness, injury, surgery or other factors affecting your daily living. Physical therapy uses exercises, therapeutic treatments and patient education to help decrease pain and/or improve your condition, and in many cases without surgery or the side effects of medication. 

Why wait? If you have pain or a health issue that would benefit from physical therapy, call us today at 218.634.3429. We’ll help you get on the right path.

Hockey Players Get Healthy Assist

Local youth hockey players have an extra layer of care on the ice, thanks to a donation by the LakeWood Regional Healthcare Foundation. 

Two first aid kits – one to be placed at the International Arena and one at the Baudette Arena – were purchased by the Lake of the Woods Youth Hockey Association with funds donated by LakeWood Regional Healthcare Foundation. 

The Foundation is proud to support not only healthcare but also the programs and organizations in our community which make an impact on health and wellness. Activities like youth hockey are directly connected to the health, wellness and quality of life of those living in our county and surrounding areas. 

Established in 1997, the Foundation’s most ambitious fundraising effort raised $500,000 for the design and development of the new hospital and care center facility attached to the original health care facility. 

Today, the Foundation continues its mission to be “Your partner in building healthier communities where we live, work and play”. If you’d like to help the Foundation continue to make an impact in our community, consider donating today at 

CHI LakeWood Health Awards Community Health Improvement Grant

CHI LakeWood Health awards $6,036 for Community Health Improvement Grant to Lutheran Social Services Senior Meals Program. The Community Health Improvement Grant program is one way CHI LakeWood Health is working with others to improve the health and well-being of the community we serve. The grant program is focused specifically on significant needs identified in CHI LakeWood Health’s most recent community health needs assessment. This was the first year CHI LakeWood Health has offered the Community Health Improvement Grant which opened for grant proposals back in late July. Applicants were notified of funding decisions in late November with the grant project period beginning in January of 2024.

With the funds awarded, Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota plans to continue supporting critical nutrition for older adults in the Baudette area. Their meal service is supported by federal funding through the Older Americans Act, but this funding does not fully cover the cost of providing meals. The meal program offers in-person congregate dining for locals to connect socially while enjoying a delicious meal, promoting physical and mental well-being. As the number of older adults in the region continues to increase, funding such as this will be essential to serve as many people as possible.

About CHI LakeWood Health

CHI LakeWood Health has been an integral part of the Baudette community since 1950. The campus includes a 15-bed acute-care Critical Access Hospital, a Skilled Nursing Facility, and a family-practice Rural Health Clinic. LakeWood offers a variety of medical services including: Cardiac Rehab, Public Health, Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapies, Behavioral Health, Telemedicine, Visiting Nurse and Ambulance Services. LakeWood is a member of CommonSpirit Health, a faith-based national health care system that was formed in February 2019 through the merger of Catholic Health Initiatives and Dignity Health.

Healthy Cooking Healthy Eating

Healthy Cooking Healthy Eating

Making a difference daily

It all started with an amazing donation and kind hearts.  LakeWood Regional Healthcare Foundation donated $3,072.48 to a new cooking program in the Highschool.  The money was allocated to buy 2 new ranges, a new fridge, a new microwave and many other kitchen supplies.  The LakeWood Regional Healthcare Foundation invests in programs and projects that improve the overall health and wellness of the Lake of the Woods County. They prioritize the Community Health Needs.  Their mission is to build a healthier Community where we live, work and play.

Jennelle Lowes, staff at Lake of the Woods High School, reached out to Carrie Davidson to inquire about this opportunity.  A grant proposal was submitted to the foundation.  Our school cooking program’s goal is to educate youth regarding healthy cooking and a healthy lifestyle. According to the CDC, 30.7% of Minnesota young adults are considered obese.  The students will learn how to prepare well-balanced healthy meals, safety in the kitchen and proper techniques for cooking.   

The students have hit the ground running and are loving this opportunity.  They select healthy recipes, they make a grocery list, estimate the cost, shop and prepare.  So far, they have made French Onion Soup, Corn Chowder, Lasagna and Caesar Salad, muffins, cookies and Taco Salad.  Staff are taking advantage of this opportunity and give a donation towards the meals for sustainability.  Staff have donated garden items towards the program. 

Other community partnerships have formed with this program.  Border Bank donated $500 in kitchen supplies.  Nicole Olson reached out and asked us to make a wish list.  The students brainstormed items that they felt would help them learn to cook.  Within a week we had so many amazing items.  One of the students said, “Ms. Jennelle, it feels like Christmas.”  Hometown Hardware gave us an excellent price on appliances and delivered and hauled away for free.  Ruby’s Pantry donates 2 boxes each month to the program.  The students look at what we have and make a list of what we can cook with all the amazing food.  Janice Nelson donated kitchen items as well.  An anonymous community member donated several Pampered Chef items as well as other items.  We appreciate everything people have done for us. If you would like to learn more or want to donate to our program the students have started another wish list.  

Keep Your Mental Health a Priority with Easy Access Virtual Visits

Keep Your Mental Health a Priority with Easy Access Virtual Visits

The holidays are a wonderful time for many, but with all the excitement and joy can come much anxiety and stress. With the long Christmas to-do list, added expenses and remembering loved ones who are no longer with us can make many feel the blues. 

Although it is hard to make time to get the care you need, it is important to keep your mental health a priority. CHI LakeWood Health offers the convenience of virtual visits (telehealth) with our Behavioral Health Provider, Sarah Gubbels, LICSW. In the car or at home, therapy can be anywhere you go. You can even have therapy when you are stuck in 10ft of snow! Don’t put your healthcare needs on the backburner this holiday season or any season for that matter. Call 218-634-3491 to schedule an appointment today!

Mental Health Holiday Tips From Our Expert at CHI LakeWood Health

Stay Active: Exercise is a great way to deal with holiday stress and anxiety.

Just Say No: If you have too much on your plate, let your friends and family know.

Be Realistic: Don’t stress yourself out by trying to create the perfect holiday.

Limit the Alcohol: Overconsumption of alcohol can lead to mood changes. 

Get Enough Sleep: 7-9 hours is the optimal amount for cognitive and emotional well-being.

Sunlight: Schedule an outdoor walk in the middle of the day when the sun is the brightest.

Self-Care: Connect with a friend or engage in activities that bring you joy. 

CHI LakeWood Health’s 2023 Spirit Award Recipients

Date: December 6th, 2023

CHI LakeWood Health’s 2023 Spirit Award Recipients

Congratulations to CHI LakeWood Health’s 2023 Spirit Award recipients: Larry Rush, Gloria Lund and Julie Mollberg.

The Spirit Award recognizes employees for the way they exemplify LakeWood’s mission, vision, values and behavior standards as well as their commitment to the community and organization. Recipients are nominated for this award by their peers.

The awards were presented during CHI LakeWood Health’s Christmas Party on Friday, December 1st at the American Legion in Baudette. Larry Rush is an End User Services Technician, Gloria Lund is a Registered Nurse and Julie Mollberg is a Food Services Lead.

Skip the Road Trip with Local Outpatient Infusion Services

Skip the Road Trip with Local Outpatient Infusion Services

Date: November 16, 2023

People needing intravenous medications and injections can save themselves the time and expense of a long car ride, thanks to Outpatient Infusion Services at CHI LakeWood Health. 

Outpatient Infusion Services include IV antibiotics and antifungals, blood products, iron infusions, outpatient injections and many other medications. Port flushes are also done for people with cancer, severe infections, kidney failure or other conditions that require implanted ports.

Being able to stay in Baudette for these services saves local residents time, money and hours missed at work. That’s especially helpful for specialty medications given regularly, such as Prolia for osteoporosis and Humira for rheumatoid arthritis.

Patients often don’t realize they can ask their provider to have their same treatment right here close to home. “They feel like they have to travel,” said Brent Noble, Pharmacy Supervisor. “We hear patients say, ‘I wish I could do this here.’ The great thing is – you can!”

It’s as simple as asking your physician to fax the order to CHI LakeWood Health. The Outpatient Infusion team takes it from there. “Just have the provider fax us an order. We will get the approval and order the medication in,” Noble said.

Outpatient infusions are given in the hospital inpatient rooms, so patients have privacy with their own bed, chair and television. “They can get a meal if requested,” Noble said. “We have snacks, beverages, and warm blankets. They can get the whole nine yards.”

The list of infusions given and conditions addressed at CHI LakeWood Health is long. “If you don’t see what you need on the list, check with us,” said Noble.

Save your road trips for vacations, to see relatives or go to a special event. Outpatient Infusion Services are right here for you, whenever you need them. For more information, contact our pharmacy at 218.634.3447. Fax referrals to 218-634-1094.

Partial List of Infusions

• Antibiotics/Antifungals

• B12 Injections

• Blood Products

• Daptomycin

• Humira

• Iron Infusions

• IV Fluids


• Orencia

• Outpatient Injections

• Port Flushes

• Prolia

• Remicade

• Specialty Medications

• Testosterone

Partial List of Disorders

• Crohn’s Disease

• Infectious Disease

• Immune Deficiency

• Multiple Sclerosis

• Rheumatoid Arthritis

• Vitamin Deficiency