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Cardiac Rehab

Contact Information:
Phone Number: 218-634-3433

Cardiac Rehab Services

Offering heart (cardiac) and lung (pulmonary) patients and their families a way to return to an active and satisfying life as quickly and safely as possible.

Cardiac rehab

Our program assists heart patients and their families to lead a healthier lifestyle by creating an individualized program that will meet the patients every need.

Our cardiac rehab program is composed of four key components:

Exercise: Regular physical activity that is tailored to individual abilities, needs, and interests.
Education: Learning about your heart condition, its causes, treatments, and management.
Advice: Learning why and how to change your lifestyle to lower your risk of further heart problems.
Behavior change: Learning specific skills that will help enable you to stop or decrease unhealthy behaviors and enable you to establish healthier ones.

Cardiac rehabilitation consists of three phases:
Phase I: Starts while you are in the hospital after a heart attack, heart surgery, angioplasty, or a cardiac condition that requires close monitoring. It consists of low-level activity, and education is emphasized. This service is usually covered by most insurance.

Phase II: Continues after discharge from the hospital. You can benefit if you have had heart surgery, angioplasty, a heart attack, heart transplant, and angina, have heart disease or heart failure. This program includes education in exercising safely, strengthening muscles, and improving stamina. Patients are connected to an EKG transmitter during exercise to check how the heart reacts and adapts. An important component of this program includes education and counseling in order to understand heart conditions and find ways to reduce the risk of future heart problems. Treatment plans are developed. This service is usually covered by most insurance.

Phase III: This is an independent program for patients and spouses who want to continue an exercise program in a supervised environment. Treatment plans are developed. Educational and risk factors needs are assessed and instruction given as needed. This service is not covered by most insurance.
All phases need to have an order from your physician.

Pulmonary Rehab
Patients with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Diseases (COPD), which include diagnoses such as emphysema, asthma, or bronchitis can find relief with pulmonary rehab. Those diseases can make it difficult to perform activities in your daily life. Pulmonary rehab uses education and exercise to help patients and their families cope with restrictions and maintain quality of life.

Understanding what you can do to control your disease is the key to having less shortness of breath and feeling better. If needed, patients receive oxygen as they start an exercise program and are monitored by our professional staff. This service is usually not covered by most insurance.

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