Speech Therapy

What is speech-language pathology?

Speech-language pathologists, also known as SLPs, are experts in communication and safe swallowing. SLPs work with people of all ages, from babies to adults. SLPs treat many types of communication and swallowing problems.

Who would benefit from speech-language pathology?

SLPs treat the following problems:

  • Speech sounds
  • Language
  • Social communication
  • Voice
  • Fluency
  • Cognitive-communication
  • Feeding and Swallowing

What happens in speech-language pathology?

Our experienced speech-language pathologist will work closely with you to learn about your concerns and then perform a comprehensive evaluation of your condition. With your input, we will develop a personalized care plan based on your specific needs and functional abilities so that you can achieve your individualized goals.

Treatment may include:

  • Play based therapy to help young children communicate
  • Drills to improve specific speech sounds or language skills
  • Training in alternative modes of communicating (picture boards, signs/gestures, assistive devices)
  • Ensuring safe food and liquid consistencies at meals
  • Implementing strengthening and mobility exercises to improve speech or swallowing
  • Drills or adapting environment to aide in thinking/memory
  • Improving voice and breathing patterns
  • Establishing home program for improved carry-over

Where are we located?

Our rehab department is located down the hallway from the Parker’s ARC entrance, door A7. Parking is located near the front entrance of the ARC with handicap parking available.

Who do I contact?

Talk to your provider and ask if speech therapy would help you. Please call us at 218-634-3429 if you have any questions about speech therapy. We look forward to working with you regarding your speech therapy needs.